Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The RMT London taxi branch is currently working on a new website that will have links to all sections. This will be much more convenient for users than having to search for each blog. This will be a huge improvement, and we will continue to keep drivers informed of all the issues affecting the London taxi trade.

The new website can be found at; http://www.rmtlondontaxidrivers.webs.com/

Friday, 4 November 2011


The RMT London Taxi Branch is currently working on a new website that will pull all of its blogs together under one URL address. This will make navigating the various issues much easier for visitors and users alike.

In the meantime, postings will remain available on our blogsites until the new website is up and running.

The new website can be found at; http://www.rmtlondontaxidrivers.webs.com/

Thank you for visiting.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Who wants Pedicab Ranks/Bays ?

The RMT specialist transport union deposited its petition against part 4 clause 17 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) Bill. Please note after the opposed bill hearing in the Lords the bill was amended and therefore the clause is now 17 and not 19.

James Croy Political Officer/agent for the RMT along with John Kennedy RMT London taxi branch activist have worked on this issue over the last few weeks/months and in John's case years. Please do log onto the parliamentary website where you can see who petitioned against part 4 clause 17 and the creation of pedicab ranks and bays. Click on the link http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2010-11/londonlocalauthoritiesandtransportforlondonno2hl/documents.html to see our comprehensive petition. We should all note a lot more hard work is required and our campaign to remove unsafe/dangerous transport from the public highway is only just about to begin.

If you didn't petition you don't get a chance to speak before a parliamentary committee.

RMT London taxi branch, join at www.rmt.org.uk

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Time to Petition...

At long last the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill is on the move with a 3rd reading in the House of Lords last night (28.3.2011) which should be swiftly followed by the bill moving to the Commons and then a ten (Parliamentary) day petitioning period opening for the RMT London Taxi branch (and others) to petition against "Clause 19" which seeks to give pedicabs ranks/bays on the public highway of our beloved capital city under an unenforceable "voluntary" registration scheme.

The RMT specialist transport union were ready to petition our Parliamentary team when warned the bill was moving. John Kennedy (branch chair) along with Brian Whitehead our Regional Organiser and James Croy Political Officer of the union with fellow branch activists Tony Cook, David Little and Paul White will be meeting/preparing all the necessary paperwork/files ready for an opposed bill committee hearing in Parliament.

Pedicabs ranks/bays today will lead to mini-cab ranks/bays tomorrow. At night we all witness the illegal ranks of cars/mini-cabs outside bars/clubs and those in authority do little or nothing to protect our right to ply for hire. Look at the time and effort TFL go to when they seek to protect core bus revenue with teams of Police Officers raiding buses along with Revenue Protection Officers. Why no protection for the London Taxi trade !

Say NO to Clause 19 of the LLA and TFL (no.2) bill and join the RMT London Taxi branch online at http://www.rmt.org.uk/ or pop into George Vyse's Office at Great Suffolk Street Taxi centre.

RMT London Taxi branch "others brag we just get on with the work"

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Parliament returns...

Parliament is to return on the 10th of January and still the promoters of this bill have not sort to discuss/engage in any meaningful manner with regards to clause 19 which seeks to allow the Mayor/local councils the powers to appoint bays (ranks) for these dangerous objects called "pedicabs".

We read with interest the Taxi Private Hire Winter Newsletter before Christmas and was surprised to see so much information regarding advanced stop lines and the Mayor's £143 million bike hire scheme yet not a mention of the problems we in the London taxi trade face from the menace that is the pedicab.

However it was good to see that the LCDC have at last stated publicly that they will be objecting to clause 19 of this bill and let's hope all other trade organisations/union wake up and realise that to sit back and allow pedicabs ranks (bays) on the public highway will lead to the creation of bays (ranks) for private hire vehicles on the public highway.

Remember TFL have an agenda and however nice John Mason maybe over a pint/curry or maybe a plate of fish and chips he has a job to do that is dictated to him by the board of TFL and ultimately politicians who run London. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson can end this farce with regards to clause 19 by dropping it from the bill and then let us all get around the table and thrash out a sensible solution that satisfies all parties and protects our hard earned right "to ply for hire". Honestly this isn't rocket science just a great shame that those who presently sit at the "foldaway" table appear not to have the ability to be able to place sensible solutions before the people that licence our industry and run this wonderful city called London.

Place the pedicabs in the park where they belong...

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Saga continues...

Yes the long awaited saga of the LLA and TFL (no.2) bill continues with this hybrid bill sitting in the House of Lords awaiting a 3rd reading which would then trigger a short period where we the RMT London Taxi branch would petition the House of Commons and exercise our democratic right and object to clause 19 of this bill.

The greatest shame of all though is that the London Taxi trade was consulted by TFL over this piece of legislation and not one trade organisation bothered to respond. If you don't get involved in the consultation process you can't alter the outcome or shape of bills/legislation and on this occasion it must be said that TFL consulted with the Taxi trade but the trade did not respond.

The good news is the RMT formed a branch for London Taxi-cab drivers and to date we have managed to effectively delay this bill in the last Parliament and see off a private members bill that sought to create ranks/bays for pedicabs here in London.

We look forward to petitioning the House of Commons and the opportunity to address a committee of our elected representatives.

Join online at www.rmt.org.uk .

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Still no news...

The RMT London Taxi branch is awaiting a reply from TFL and Westminster City Councils Parliamentary agent regarding Clause 19 and the progress of this bill.

Please note only the RMT have opposed this bill and only the RMT seek to stop the creation of pedicab ranks which will no doubt lead to private hire ranks/bays all over the capital.

RMT London Taxi branch.